‘18,000 A Day’: Record Number of Illegals Just Waiting For the ‘Magic Day’

Illegal Aliens

(RightIsRight.co) – Joe Biden knows it but won’t admit it.

Kamala Harris knows it but won’t admit it.

The entire Democrat Party knows it but won’t admit it.

What is “it”?

“It” is the “Magic Day” when Title 42 ends because Biden is forcing it to end.

When that “Magic Day” arrives, millions of illegal aliens will pour across the southern border of the United States of America. A border already swamped with illegals to such a degree that records are set month after month.

As ZeroHedge notes in “Record Number Of Illegal Immigrants Waiting In Mexico For “Magic Day”: Immigration Expert“:

“With U.S. intelligence officials estimating a massive increase in the number of illegal immigrants inundating illegal entry points at the southern border, Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) in Washington said many who have been temporarily held off in Mexico will flood the border after Title 42 ends.

“’Now you have Title 42 people coming in, who are just saying, ‘I’m coming to wait for the magic day,’’ Bensman, senior national security fellow at CIS, told EpochTV’s “Facts Matter.”

“Title 42 is a federal health statute that allows the government to impose health control measures to limit the number of people seeking asylum from entering the country during a health emergency. It’s slated to end on May 23.”

And, as you probably realized by now, May 23 is “Magic Day.”

How bad will it get?

“…intelligence officials are predicting that after Title 42 is lifted, between 12,000 and 18,000 illegal immigrants will flood the southern border each day.”

The day when the United States of America will never be the same again as the point of no return will be reached when it comes to illegal aliens and the United States of America.

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