2024 Trump Hating GOP Candidate Drops Out Of Race

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Chris Christie, the Republican presidential hopeful and ex-governor of New Jersey, has intimated that a poor outcome in the New Hampshire primary might compel him to exit the nomination race. However, he has no plans to withdraw prior to this.

In a discussion with The New York Times, Christie stated, “Only a lackluster performance in New Hampshire could lead me to reconsider my campaign.”

Recent polling data from Emerson College in New Hampshire reveals Christie is gaining traction, occupying the second spot with a 9% approval rate. However, this is significantly below the leading figure, former President Donald Trump.

The Times reported that since February, a vast majority, over 90%, of Christie’s campaign engagements have taken place in New Hampshire.

Christie has not shied away from voicing his criticisms of Trump, frequently expressing his disapproval during voter interactions.

He emphasized to The Times that halting Trump’s potential return to the presidency necessitates defeating him in an early-primary state like New Hampshire. Christie believes a defeat for Trump in any location would significantly weaken his campaign. He conceded, however, that Trump stands a strong chance to be the nominee should he succeed in New Hampshire.

Highlighting the uniqueness of New Hampshire’s political climate, Christie noted that the focus here is more on direct interactions with the electorate rather than elaborate policy addresses.