29 California Kids Trapped in Afghanistan

29 California Kids Trapped in Afghanistan

(RightIsRight.co) – After the US announced it pulled its last troops out of Afghanistan on Tuesday, August 31, reports began to spread about those President Joe Biden had left behind. Among the hundreds, likely thousands, of people still seeking evacuation from the Taliban-controlled nation were over two dozen students from Sacramento, California and another 24 from outside of San Diego.

On August 31, the San Juan Unified School District outside of Sacramento announced that 29 students from 19 families were still in Afghanistan. One family traveled to Afghanistan to be with their dying father during the summer break but could not make it into the Kabul airport during the evacuations to ensure safe passage home.

These families, which typically travel back to Afghanistan during the summer to visit relatives, now wait in limbo, hoping President Biden will hold fast to his promise to get them out.

Fox News 5 shared more about the families’ struggles:

Similarly, the Cajon Valley Union School District near San Diego is working with its US Representatives to get 24 students and 16 parents back stateside after traveling to Afghanistan on special visas granted for their US military service.

These two examples are a small percentage of the huge number of people left in Afghanistan. Now, what will happen to these people who live in and love our nation? Will Biden fight to get them out? Only time will tell.

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