4 Dead; 2 Cops Shot; Priest Killed

(RightIsRight.co) – Underscoring the rampant lawlessness prompted by the Biden administration’s soft stance on crime, a series of tragic events left the Palm Bay, Florida, community in shock.

Brandon Kapas, a 24-year-old man, became the center of a disturbing incident that involved the murders of his grandfather, a retired priest, and the priest’s sister. Additionally, two police officers were shot.

Kapas reportedly became disruptive during a family birthday celebration at his family’s home on Forgal Street. When Palm Bay police officers arrived in response to a domestic violence call, they found themselves in a dangerous situation.

Police chief Mariano Augello detailed the events at a press conference. He explained how Kapas was armed and threatening and engaged the officers.

During the altercation, Kapas shot two officers, one in the arm and the other in the leg. He killed his grandfather, William Kapas Sr. when he tried to intervene.

The situation escalated as Kapas fled the scene, leading to a shootout with the police, where he was ultimately killed. The aftermath of the incident revealed that Kapas was driving a car packed with a cache of weapons, suggesting he had potentially planned a larger attack.

The car was later traced back to its owners, Robert Hoeffner, a retired Catholic priest, and his sister, Sally Hoeffner. They were also found shot to death in their Palm Bay home.

Chief Augello praised the responding officers’ actions, stating, “Our officers’ actions yesterday prevented something even more tragic from happening.” He also noted that this was the second major shooting in Palm Bay in less than two weeks.

The loss of Father Hoeffner and his sister was deeply felt throughout the community. Bishop John Noonan, overseeing the Orlando Diocese, expressed his sorrow: “Throughout his priesthood, Father Hoeffner served the people of God with compassion and humility. We will miss his grace-filled presence.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting, while Palm Bay detectives are working to understand Kapas’ motives and how he obtained the weapons.

Autopsies for Kapas and his three victims have been scheduled, and the investigation continues. The Kapas family has been deeply affected by the events and plans to release a statement later.