A Magic Mushroom School?

Red light

(RightIsRight.co) – Highlighting its status as a liberal bastion where the rule of law is nonexistent, a bizarre educational experience is unfolding in Portland, Oregon.

At a spacious, light-filled retreat, 30 students engage in an intense exercise of silently gazing into each other’s eyes, contemplating the life experiences of their peers. This exercise is the beginning for those training to become licensed facilitators in Oregon’s psilocybin program.

Oregon stands as the first U.S. state to permit supervised psychedelic experiences for adults aged 21 and over. The students at this retreat aim to guide the hallucinogenic trips of individuals high on magic mushrooms at one of the state’s 19 designated service centers.

InnerTrek, where this training takes place, brags about the distinction of being the world’s first government-recognized licensed and operational training program in this field. To become licensed facilitators, the students must complete this program and apply for state licensing.

On a rainy November day, a group gathered at InnerTrek’s rural campus for one of their monthly in-person intensives. This particular session included discussions on managing group dynamics and adhering to state regulations about physical interactions with clients in altered states.

InnerTrek was founded by the proponents of Measure 109, which legalized supervised psilocybin use in Oregon. The school’s founder, Tom Eckert, asserts the importance of facilitators in what he characterizes as a groundbreaking mental health initiative.

The psilocybin experience can last between four and six hours and may include severe hallucinations and altered perceptions. Facilitators are not required to have a clinical background. Nate Howard, InnerTrek’s director of operations, says that effective facilitation often involves stepping back and allowing individuals to navigate their own hallucinations.

As the training nears its end, some students seek to pursue facilitation licenses in Oregon, while others intend to apply their newfound knowledge in states where psilocybin remains illegal.

The Oregon psilocybin program, therefore, stands as a beacon of progressivism, potentially paving the way for other states and countries to explore similar approaches to allow their citizens to partake in drug usage.