Abortion Pills Outlawed

(RightIsRight.co) – Trying to avoid extreme leftist agenda measures, Louisiana Republicans have taken a step to intensify their stance against abortion by targeting two drugs typically used in medication abortions.

Clearing the Senate with a vote of 29-7 and the House with 63-29, the passed bill (SB 276) would classify mifepristone and misoprostol as dangerous controlled substances unless prescribed legitimately and introduced penalties for coerced abortions.

Despite medication abortions already being banned in Louisiana, there are reports of these drugs being illegally imported for abortions.

Senator Thomas Pressley, who sponsored the bill, stated his motives were to prevent misuse of these medications. “The purpose of bringing this legislation is certainly not to prevent these drugs from being used for legitimate health care purposes,” he explained.

“I am simply trying to put safeguards and guardrails in place to keep bad actors from getting these medications,” he added, citing a personal incident where his sister was covertly administered abortion pills.

This legislation notably exempts pregnant women found with the drugs from criminal penalties.

Governor Jeff Landry (R) is anticipated to enact the bill despite opposition from Democrats who argue it undermines health care access.

Backing the measure, Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill emphasized the growing concern over the influx of abortion pills.

“I support SB 276 and legislation to add Mifepristone and Misoprostol to the Controlled Dangerous Substances list,” she stated. “These drugs are increasingly being shipped from outside our state and country to women and girls in our state.”

Moreover, reports have surfaced about a widespread operation by leftist organizations funneling unregulated abortion pills into conservative regions, including Louisiana.

These pills can be bought online for under $100, without prescription verification or medical consultation, posing risks, especially to minors.

The Supreme Court is also involved, having heard arguments this year on whether to reimpose certain FDA restrictions on mifepristone, which were eased during the Biden administration, allowing wider access, including mail delivery and prescription by non-physicians.

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