ALERT: Iran Threatens To Turn New York Into ‘Hellish Ruins’

Nuclear Explosion

( – The Islamic Republic of Iran has threatened to turn New York City into “hellish ruins” as it warned it can now quickly build nuclear warheads and use them if it is “provoked” by the United States or Israel.

Iran’s new nuclear war threats have come amid failed attempts on the part of the US and its allies to stop the development of nuclear weapons by the regime in Tehran.

This includes unsuccessful efforts to resurrect a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran on one side and the US, Russia, China, France, the UK, and Germany, on the other. The deal agreed to by then-President Barack Obama and ended by then-President Donald Trump in 2018 has been criticized by conservatives in the US and Israel as too lenient on the Iranian regime.

The latest Iranian threats against the US are featured in a 2-minute video on two Telegram channels connected with the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), The New York Post reported, citing UK-based news outlet Iran International.

The IRGC vowed that Iran would move quickly to start making nuclear bombs if the “US or Zionist regime make any stupid mistakes.”

The corps, the most elite unit of the Iranian military, alleged that the secret Iranian underground nuclear facilities in Fordow, near the city of Qom, are about to make Iran a nuclear power.

It boasted what is now a “peaceful nuclear program” could be weaponized quickly and easily. “The nuclear facilities of Fordow have been built deep under mountains of Iran and are protected against trench-busting bombs and even nuclear explosion. All infrastructures required for nuclear breakout have been prepared in it,” the IRGC video warned.

That was also when it featured the threat that Iran has ballistic missiles capable of “turning New York into hellish ruins.”

According to Iran International, the country has reached a 60% uranium enrichment threshold for the fissile material needed for nuclear weapons. If it reaches 90%, Iran would be a “few weeks” from building a nuclear bomb.

The IRGC video touts Iran’s Emad nuclear project, which began secretly in 1989. It was temporarily stopped by the UN nuclear watchdog in 2003, only to remain one of the most significant security issues in US diplomacy and world politics.

Since he was sworn into office in January 2021, President Joe Biden has sought to resurrect Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. However, the indirect US-Iranian negotiations have fallen over the past few months.

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