ALERT: Mass Shooting at Restaurant

( – A new deadly mass shooting occurred in Texas, claiming one life and leaving three people wounded after a shootout in a small-town Mexican restaurant.

The mass shooting happened in Borger, Texas, a town of 12,000 people in Hutchinson County, in the state’s northernmost part.

Downtown Borger witnessed the tragic incident around 9:30 p.m. Saturday after an altercation erupted at Los Agaves Jalisco’s Grill & Cantina, a renowned Mexican restaurant at 718 North Main Street.

The aftermath of the event left one individual dead and three others critically injured, according to reports by NewsChannel 10 and Breaking 911.

The incident became known to the Borger Police Department through a 911 call.

Initially, the caller reported a disturbance, but as the situation escalated, the caller informed the dispatcher about the gunshots.

Swiftly responding to the emergency, the officers who arrived at the scene were met with multiple gunshot victims.

One of the victims had tragically lost his life at the scene. The police have chosen to withhold his identity until the next of kin is notified.

The other three injured individuals were urgently transported to nearby hospitals for medical attention.

The severity of their injuries was initially classified as critical, but with timely medical intervention, their conditions have seen improvement and are now deemed stable.

From the preliminary investigation and available details, the Borger Police believe that the root cause of the shooting was a physical confrontation involving several individuals.

Amid this altercation, multiple firearms were brandished, leading to the unfortunate discharge of bullets.

“Multiple firearms were produced and shots were fired,” Borger Police Chief Donnie Davis informed the public in a statement.

He further clarified the current state of the investigation, noting that they are not in pursuit of additional suspects at this juncture.

However, to ensure a comprehensive investigation, the police are keen on gathering all possible details and have made an appeal to the public.