Americans Believe Joe Biden Isn’t Running the Show Himself

Americans Believe Joe Biden Isn't Running the Show Himself

( – Since taking office in January, President Joe Biden has stayed behind the scenes and tried to make as few public appearances as possible. This lack of interaction with Americans has raised concerns about just what the president is doing all day and who is truly running the show. A new study by the Trafalgar Group shows it’s not just Conservatives questioning President Biden’s competency as president.

From June 23 to June 25, the Trafalgar Group, in conjunction with the Convention of States Action, conducted a survey with Americans who will likely vote in the next general election about how Biden is executing the duties of his office. With a response rate of 1.45%, Trafalgar was still able to have 95% confidence in the data collected with a 2.97% margin of error, meaning this survey data is a good predictor of American ideas.

The results of the survey show that overall, 56.5% of Americans think that someone else is directing the policy and agenda of the current administration, while only 36.4% have confidence Biden is “fully executing the duties of his office.” Democrat respondents had similar numbers to the overall population, but Republicans overwhelmingly at 83.6% believe someone else is calling the shots.

Even former President Donald Trump is demanding to know just who is working their way into the president’s proposals:

While nothing can be said for certain, Americans have seen how much power the radical left and even foreign countries have had over President Biden and his family. Hopefully, more about who is influencing Biden will come to light in the coming weeks so Americans can fully understand where our nation is being led and by whom.

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