Americans Flocking Here

( – The allure of this state’s serene landscapes and community-centric lifestyle is drawing people in droves.

As highlighted by the United Van Lines’ annual National Movers Study, for the third consecutive year, the Green Mountain State of Vermont has topped the list of most popular destinations for movers, with 65% of them heading inbound.

A significant portion of these newcomers, nearly 30%, are motivated by the desire to be closer to family. Meanwhile, another 20% are seeking a lifestyle change. Real estate expert Ashley Vincent attributes Vermont’s appeal to its sense of security, a key factor for both families and individuals. This sentiment is bolstered by Vermont’s ranking as one of the safest states in the U.S., with low rates of violent and property crimes.

Residents and experts, including those interviewed by Fox News Digital, point to Vermont’s small-town charm as a major draw. The state offers a respite from the hectic pace of urban life, fostering close-knit communities and a relaxed lifestyle. Vincent emphasizes that Vermont’s lower population density, coupled with comparable home prices, education quality, and low crime rates, make it an ideal choice for those embracing remote work.

Mellisa Levis, a family resort hotel owner in Manchester, has observed a steady influx of new residents, partly due to the remote work trend. Many visitors, initially drawn for short stays or events, end up purchasing homes in the state. Chenise Hinds, a recent mover to Vermont, echoes these sentiments. She appreciates the state’s lower housing costs, strong sense of community, and the natural beauty, from breathtaking fall colors to quaint towns and vibrant local markets.

Vermont’s attraction extends beyond its idyllic settings. Nancy Zafrani, General Manager of Oz Moving & Storage, notes that employees who have moved there rave about the state’s seasons, nature, and tranquility. With a population of just 700,000, Vermont’s spacious environment contrasts sharply with more densely populated states like New Jersey, which has seen the highest number of residents leaving for six consecutive years.

Outdoor enthusiasts find Vermont particularly appealing, according to Vincent. The state offers a wide range of recreational activities, from hiking to skiing, catering to those who love an active, outdoor lifestyle. Jim Olenbush, a design expert, points out that Vermont’s affordability and rural living are significant attractions. People are seeking a simpler life, away from the high living costs and dense development of busier states.