Amy Coney Barrett Suddenly Denies Students in Important Case

Amy Coney Barrett Suddenly Drops Important Case

( – As vaccine mandates roll out across the nation, Americans from all walks of life are trying to decide whether or not to receive the still-experimental coronavirus inoculation. Many private companies and healthcare settings are now mandating the jab for their employees, and even some universities are following suit. In Indiana, a group of students was hoping the Supreme Court would deem their University’s new vaccine requirement unconstitutional, but Justice Amy Coney Barrett refused to take the case.

On Thursday, August 12, Justice Barrett, who’s in charge of the court circuit that includes Indiana, refused to take a case involving eight Indiana University students. In a complaint, they challenged the school’s new requirement, saying it violates their “constitutional right to bodily integrity autonomy” and the right “of medical treatment choice.”

While Barrett did not provide any details why she refused to accept the case, Judge Frank Easterbrook from the Chicago-based US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit previously declared anyone not wanting to comply with the new requirement “may go elsewhere.”

Axios shared more on the story:

Vaccine mandates are controversial, but many organizations, such as universities, have the right to choose their own rules most of the time and often require vaccinations prior to admission. While it appears on the surface Barrett is supporting mandates, she’s simultaneously supporting American organizations’ rights to choose whom they serve and what safety measures they can impose.

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