An American Hero Gave His Life

Joaquin Romero

( – There are days when patriotic Americans look across our country and wonder if there are any heroes left that we can tell our children about and use as examples so that they know courage still exists in this great country.

Of course, the reality is there are hard-working Americans who perform acts of bravery every day that qualify them to wear the title “American Hero.” Unfortunately, the mainstream media rarely reports on these courageous individuals.

The liberal media is far too busy promoting the socialist agenda of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer – not to mention Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the “Squad” – to take the time to share stories of true American heroes and the sacrifices they make.

But today, one of those reports has surfaced, and as we head into the weekend, it’s a great reminder that heroes do walk among us.

Tragically, this American hero, 34-year-old Joaquin Romero, an employee at a California zipline course, sacrificed his life to save another American.

As the Daily Mail describes it, in a successful attempt to save the life of a woman who slipped out on a zipline before she was hooked on the platform, Romero “grabbed onto her harness to stop her and got dragged away from the platform, which caused them to slide out on the line at about 100-feet. Romero drifted down the line with the woman before falling at a height of about 70-feet…”

Romero didn’t survive the fall.

It is believed that because Romero knew the zipline couldn’t hold his and the woman’s combined weight and would quickly break and plunge them both to the ground far below, he let go and sacrificed his life to save the woman.

Clearly, Joaquin Romero is an American hero.

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