Another School Shooting

( – One student was shot and killed in a high school in North Seattle, Washington state, which sent hundreds of parents rushing to the school campus, fearing for their children’s safety.

The shooting occurred shortly after 11 am on Tuesday at Ingraham High School, the Seattle Times reported citing the local police.

The victim was still alive when rushed to the emergency room but died later at the Harborview Medical Center.

The victim’s identity has not been revealed, but the shooting caused the authorities to close the school on Wednesday and Thursday.

The suspected shooter was arrested about an hour after the shooting while traveling on a public transportation bus.

The police believe a person accompanying the suspect on the bus isn’t related to the attack.

According to Brent Jones, Seattle’s Public Schools Superintendent Brent Jones, the incident was not a mass shooting but a “targeted attack.”

He added the authorities had “no reason to believe this was part of a bigger plan.”

“We have two families that have been impacted: Somebody that is going to jail and somebody that has lost their life,” Police Chief Adrian Diaz told a City Hall press conference.

In his words, multiple witnesses saw the shooting, which occurred about 100 feet from the nearest entrance.

“It wasn’t at the doorstep. It wasn’t at the front entrance. It was within the school environment,” Diaz said.

He revealed police officers entered the school after shooting reports. They found the wounded victim. Medics arrived about 10 minutes after the emergency calls.

The police seized a gun from the arrested suspect but couldn’t confirm immediately if it was the murder weapon.

They also refused to reveal whether the suspect was also an Ingraham High School student.

Hundreds of parents came rushing to the school campus to pick up their children as soon as the first shooting reports emerged.

The police started to release students from the building one by one at around 12:30.

“I’m really scared, but I’m glad most people are OK. I’m OK and with my family right now. It’s a lot to process,” said 14-year-old Madeleyne De Leon.

Ingraham High School has 1,462 students and is one of Seattle’s 18 public high schools.