Another Top Republican Enters 2024 Race

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

The GOP is preparing for Republican Senator Tim Scott (S.C.) to enter the Presidential race in 2024, with many expressing the Senator could be a voice for unity in a party divided by grievance politics.

Although Scott hasn’t confirmed whether or not he’ll be entering the race in 2024, he has made strides in laying the groundwork for a campaign.

He is hiring experienced staffers and is courting potential donors with a headline speaking engagement at the annual Club for Growth’s closing dinner.

Scott has abandoned culture wars and is sticking to optimism with his message of a “new American sunrise.”

He’s championed his lofty vision while railing against what he has described as Democrats’ “victimhood” and “despair.”

For Republicans who have had enough of the grievance politics that has emerged from the Trump era, Scott’s messaging is refreshing and rather tempting.

But many query whether Scott can corner a significant portion of the GOP primary base who are ready to fight.

One Republican strategist noted that individuals were still attempting to decide how many lanes there are in the GOP primaries and what their lanes are.

However, the strategist, who has worked on Presidential campaigns before, suggested that Scott’s brand of politics may not resonate with GOP primary voters who are “angry.”

Scott’s brand of politics is nearly the opposite of Trump’s, who used his remarks at CPAC to launch his promise of being GOP voters’ “retribution.”

Last month, Scott gave a speech at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, in which he criticized Biden for exploiting “the painful parts of America’s past and touted himself as a “messenger of hope,” in what many consider a warm-up Presidential stump speech.