Apple Announces New States That Allow Digital Licenses to Be Kept on Phone

Apple Announces New States That Allow Digital Licenses to Be Kept on Phone

( – While COVID-19 certainly expedited the usage of digital wallets and touch-free payments, many know this trend has been on its way for a while. Apple is continuing its push for a wallet-free world, and the enormous tech company just announced its users will soon be able to keep their driver licenses in their digital wallets as well.

On Wednesday, September 1, Apple announced the states which will allow residents to hold their state driver’s licenses and ID cards in their Apple wallets on their iPhones or Apple Watches:

  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Utah
  • Oklahoma

Apple coordinated with the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) to have these wallets work at certain airports in the near future. The Big Tech company already rolled out a similar program with colleges and universities, allowing students to have their student IDs on their phones as well.

While this new convenience has excited many tech-lovers, it also proposes many questions surrounding privacy rights and the security of this new development. Vice’s tech-team at Motherboard shares more:

Innovation is a beautiful thing that our economy thrives on. However, users must balance it with privacy and security if our nation is to grow. So, as Apple continues pushing into the world of touch-free tech, users should make extra sure they’re confident in the company’s security before uploading even more personal information onto their phones.

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