Audio: Kamala Talks to Putin Like a Toddler

Kamala Harris

( – Does Kamala Harris believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is a little child? A toddler?

Does Kamala believe that the United States of America should treat Putin like a toddler?

Does Kamala believe that when the largest armed force on the European continent since World War II attacks and invades a free and sovereign nation that analogies to little children – toddlers – are appropriate?

Evidently so.

Just the other morning, Kamala went on a radio program by phone. She described the sanctions the United States of America is imposing on Russia and Vladimir Putin in terms of how a parent punishes a child.

You can listen to the audio a bit further down this post.

Asked about sanctions being leveled against Russia and whether she had a conflicting opinion against Joe Biden as far as the reason sanctions were put in place, Kamala started by stating:

“We had sanctions before the actual invasion. We threatened sanctions to hopefully deter Russia from going in. So we basically, you know like if you’re a parent and you tell your children, ‘Well, if you do this, the punishment is gonna be that.’ Right? And we hope that by doing that, it will deter our children from doing the wrong thing. Right?”

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