AUDIO: Trump Slams Piers Morgan Interview Cut: ‘Deceptively Edited’

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan

( – If former President Donald Trump’s recorded evidence is legitimate, and there is no reason to believe it is not, Trump has outed infamous British television host Piers Morgan as a bald-faced liar.

Morgan, who is promoting a new show for himself, claims that an exclusive interview he did with Trump became so combative that Trump stopped the interview, demanded the cameras be turned off, and then “stormed” off the set where the interview was recorded.

However, shortly after Piers Morgan and his company released a promotional advertisement for the new show that claims Trump stormed off the set, Trump released his own recorded audio of the interview that clearly indicates the interview ended normally with small talk and congratulations.

Trump says that Morgan “deceptively edited” the video and advertisement to make Trump look like he did something he did not do.

You be the judge.

First, watch the promo that Piers Morgan is running in an attempt to portray his interview of former President Donald Trump as heated to the degree that Morgan claims Trump stormed off the set of the interview.

You can watch the promo by clicking HERE and going to the second video on the page.

Now, listen to the audio former President Donald Trump has provided to the news media that seemingly indicates he did not storm off the interview set as Piers Morgan has claimed. In fact, you can hear Morgan thanking Trump and saying it was a great interview as they make small talk once the interview has concluded.

You can listen to the audio by clicking HERE (same page as the video referenced above) and going to the first video on the page.

Having compared the two versions, what is your opinion? Did Trump catch Piers Morgan creating a deceptive advertisement? In other words, is Piers Morgan a bald-faced liar who Trump has exposed? Email your thoughts to [email protected]. Thank you.