Audit to Be Conducted After GOP Count Shorted Votes

Audit to Be Conducted After GOP Count Shorted Votes

( – Although many don’t want to admit it, every piece of technology has its weakness. The flaws in voting machines were clearly shown during the November 2020 election, even if Americans are only starting to see them now. But, a new audit of voting machines in Windham, New Hampshire, is showing that GOP candidates were actually shorted quite a few votes.

On Monday, May 17, volunteers began to audit the votes cast in Windham, New Hampshire and the AccuVote machines used to count the ballots. So far, auditors have found that fold lines on certain ballots were likely miscounted by at least one machine. It seems that some fold lines went through Democratic candidate Kristi St. Laurent’s name, and one machine read that as an “overvote” and subsequently subtracted votes from the Republican candidates on the same ballot.

The Washington Examiner shares more about the voting discrepancies:

While New Hampshire is now realizing, months after the election, the issues with its voting machines, how many other spots across our nation have not audited their votes to ensure our election integrity? Stories like this show us the importance of participating in our elections and ensuring our voting laws protect both our citizens and our votes.

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