Authorities Bust Massive Child Trafficking Operation

Authorities Bust Massive Child Trafficking Operation

( – With tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors showing up on our southern border every week, it’s not surprising that child trafficking is commonplace. New reports shared by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show that the agency has arrested multiple illegal immigrants with histories of rape, murder, and child trafficking in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, April 6, US Border Patrol in El Centro released a statement detailing the arrest of a man who was convicted in California in 2007 of horrific sex crimes with a minor and soon deported. He was caught reentering the United States on Monday.

US Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings shared a similar instance:

There are plenty of similar reports of despicable pedophiles, dealers, and other criminals crossing our border. Remember when former President Donald Trump warned us these types of criminals would be trying to come into our country? These stories go to show how heroic our border patrol is as they fight for our national security every day and how absolutely necessary it is that President Biden re-establish strict security at our southern border in order to keep criminals out of our nation.

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