Bannon Slams GOP Speaker

( – In a recent episode of his “War Room” podcast, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon slammed Speaker Mike Johnson, suggesting that Republicans should start seeking his replacement, stating that “It’s not worth it. It’s time to look for the next man up because this is gonna continue.”

Bannon’s comments coincide with the party’s internal division about leadership responsibilities and campaign tactics.

Bannon stated unequivocally that “Johnson is not savable,” emphasizing the need for new leadership within the Republican ranks.

He argued that the issue at hand isn’t personal but rather a matter of political efficacy and trust.

Citing the dismissal of former Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the speakership, Bannon pointed out that while he didn’t view McCarthy as a figure that can be trusted, his removal was primarily thanks to his involvement in a debt deal with Joe Biden.

Bannon had warned McCarthy about the consequences of this deal, likening him to a “deer that’s been shot,” and suggested that something similar awaited Johnson if he continued down a similar path.

Bannon’s critique of Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, is that he is “only marginally better” than McCarthy.

While acknowledging that Johnson has put up some fights, Bannon expressed skepticism about the effectiveness and commitment of the current Republican leadership. “He’s putting up some fights,” Mr. Bannon said. “If you didn’t keep the pressure on these guys 24/7, you think they’d be doing this stuff? No, they would not.”