Barack Obama Launches New Ads to Help Gavin Newsom

Barack Obama

( – Californians have recalled two of their governors through a recall vote since the state’s inception. Now, there’s a chance Governor Gavin Newsom (D) could be the third. Many residents already sent in their ballots to decide his fate, although the election day is Tuesday, September 14. In an enormous push to motivate Democrats to vote “no” in the special election, Newsom recruited some big names from his party, including former President Barack Obama.

Obama Runs Ad in Support of Newsom

On Wednesday, September 8, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared in California to throw her support behind Newsom. She highlighted Newsom’s immigrant and coronavirus policies as his strengths, although those are two main reasons Republicans pushed for the recall. Harris encouraged listeners to vote “no” on the recall and emphasized that she already sent in her own ballot.

Shortly after her visit, Obama released a 30-second ad asking voters to “stop the Republican recall.” The ad repeatedly used rhetoric that made listeners believe Republicans would make the state unsafe for children should they remove Newsom and install Larry Elder, the likely replacement should the recall be successful. Obama emphasized that voting no “could be the difference between protecting our kids and putting them at risk.”

Even President Biden Is Getting in on the Campaign

Acting as if the leader of the free world did not have any major crisis to address next week, President Joe Biden decided to fly to Long Beach, California on Monday, September 13 to campaign for Governor Newsom. While that stop is strictly to support the California leader, the president will also spend time in Sacramento surveying the damage inflicted from recent wildfires. However, many expect him to put in a good word for Newsom while he’s there.

Polls Show Newsom May Have a Lead, But Too Early to Tell

The special election ballots will first ask voters if they want to recall Newsom. The second question is who should replace him if over 50% of voters support a recall. While polls over the past few weeks have shown the race too close to call, some new surveys say Newsom may be edging ahead.

On Thursday, September 9, the San Diego Union-Tribune and Survey USA released a poll showing 54% of likely voters would vote “no” to question one. This number changed drastically since the groups’ July poll that showed 51% of voters would vote to recall Newsom. Similarly, On Friday, September 10, the Berkeley Institute of Government Studies and the Los Angeles Times released a poll showing that 60% of California voters will vote to keep Newsom in office.

Americans have seen polls go awry time and time again, so no one can call this race until the polls close on Tuesday. Republicans often avoid pollsters. They also like to vote in person. Combine these two behaviors and this race could result in a last-minute upset one or another as voters cast their ballots.

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