Beachgoers See What Crash Into Ocean?

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

This past weekend in New Hampshire a small plane crash-landed on a beach with many of the witnesses capturing the incident on video.

In the video, water can be seen splashing after the single-engine aircraft landed in the water at Hampton Beach on Saturday. After falling into the waves, the place appears to have flipped over.

The Hampton Fire Rescue revealed in a statement that the aircraft had fallen into the water around 30 years offshore. The sole occupant of the aircraft was evaluated by medical professionals after lifeguards helped in their rescue.

They added for assistance at the scene many different agencies were informed, including the FAA, NH State Police, NH State Police Marine Patrol, and the Hampton Police. The Hampton Fire Rescue also pointed to photos taken after the incident when their personnel pushed the plane along the beach after it was recovered.

William Paine, the Deputy Fire chief also responded at the scene and remained there until FAA investigators cleared the scene. According to Alex Reno, the Hampton Police Chief, the pilot of the plane had not incurred any injuries as a result of the flight.

Last year, a single-engine plane had fallen into a multifamily building in New Hampshire. Everyone aboard that plane had passed away as a result of the accident. This was confirmed by Keene Mayor George Hansel in an interview with The Associated Press. The eight people who had been in the apartment building were evacuated because of the fire that started after the crash.