Bernie Attacks Netanyahu

Bernie Sanders

( – In the midst of an ongoing and contentious war in Gaza and aligning himself with some of the most radical leftists in his party, Senator Bernie Sanders has raised significant concerns about the United States’ decision to continue providing aid to Israel.

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Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Sanders labeled this move as “irresponsible,” pointing to the severe repercussions the war has had on thousands of civilians in the region.

Sanders opposed the massive $111 billion emergency supplemental package proposed by Joe Biden.

This package was intended to aid both Ukraine and Israel. Sanders’ decision was driven by his apprehension about the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza, exacerbated by continuous Israeli military actions.

“You’re talking about 1.9 million people displaced going around without any more food, without any medical supplies,” Sanders commented, emphasizing the dire situation.

He advocates for the U.S. to exert pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cease the military campaign in Gaza.

Sanders has consistently argued against unconditional aid to Israel, insisting on the need to safeguard civilians.

He expressed a stern view: “I think what the Congress has got to do is make it clear to Netanyahu that we’re not going to simply give him a blank check to kill women and children in Palestine.”

When probed about Netanyahu’s intentions in Gaza, Sanders acknowledged the complexity and speculated on various motivations, including a potential response to Hamas attacks and the influence of right-wing extremism.

He reiterated Israel’s right to defend itself but stressed that this does not extend to waging war on Gaza’s civilian population.

Sanders’ remarks reflect his deep concern for the humanitarian situation and the need for a more measured approach in U.S. foreign policy towards the Israel-Gaza conflict.