Biden Accused of Wasting Taxpayer Money

Biden Accused of Wasting Taxpayer Money

( – On his first day in office, President Joe Biden stopped construction of the wall along our southern border for which Congress had already allocated money. This left thousands of construction workers without jobs and much of the wall unbuilt. Months later, as the president faces a crisis in the same spot, reports are beginning to surface of just how much taxpayer money was wasted by Biden’s rash decision.

The US Government Accountability Office has investigated Biden’s order to cease building the border wall and released a letter on Friday, April 9 detailing how Biden “wasted” millions of taxpayer dollars “by virtue of Bureaucratic failure.”

Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) highlighted how the president has left enormous amounts of materials sitting near the border, open to theft, vandalism, and destruction. He shared more on Twitter about this and other gross misuses of power:

On top of the blatant disregard for American’s hard-earned money, Biden’s discontinuing of the border wall has left large gaps in which migrants are surging through at unprecedented levels. Now, it’s time for President Biden to face the chaos he has created and finish the wall in order to keep our nation safe.

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