Biden Admin Attacks Arizona over Border Wall

Arizona Border Wall Section

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has officially demanded that the state of Arizona remove the makeshift border barriers that it used to plug gaps in the unfinished wall on the US-Mexican border.

In August, Arizona’s Republican administration of Governor Doug Ducey used empty shipping containers equipped with razor wire on top to fill in the missing sections in the Southern Border wall begun under former President Donald Trump.

Ducey made it clear the Biden administration’s refusal to take measures against the rampant illegal immigrant crossings had led Arizona to resort to the makeshift border barriers.

Data from US Customs and Border Protection indicate that more than 5 million migrants have entered the United States illegally since Joe Biden became President 21 months ago. Those include an estimated 1 million gotaways.

The US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), a Department of Interior body, has now sent a letter to Arizona’s government declaring that the stacking of shipping containers in the border wall gaps constituted trespassing.

The USBR argued that the containers for the makeshift border wall had been installed on its lands and lands owned by the Cocopah Indian Tribe’s West Reservation without permission.

According to the bureau, Arizona is obliged to remove 42 shipping containers from trial lands, plus more than 80 containers from its territory near the Morelos Dam, The Hill reported.

The USBR also told the state authorities to end the installment of more makeshift container barriers on the border.

It emphasized that Customs and Border Protection has already hired a contractor to fill in two border gaps near the Morelos Dam, with a contract for two more gaps coming up.

The US Department of Homeland Security, CBP’s parent institution, announced over the summer that it would fill some border gaps.

However, it made it clear the new construction’s goal would be to ensure the safety of illegal immigrants by preventing them from passing through dangerous border sections rather than seeking to hamper their entrance into the United States.

Arizona’s GOP Governor Ducey celebrated the DHS announcement, but the procedure moved more slowly than he had hoped, leading him to install the makeshift barriers.

In its letter to the government of Arizona, the USBR demanded that the state remove the shipping containers so the wall’s completion in the specified sections could proceed “without unnecessary delay.”

When he decided to use makeshift materials to fend off the illegal migrants back in August, Gov. Ducey ordered the state authorities to “close the gaps in Arizona’s southern border wall, regardless of location.”