Biden Admin Sending Millions to Afghanistan, Taliban Says

Biden Admin Sending Millions to Afghanistan, Taliban Says

( – After the United States pulled its last troops out of Afghanistan this summer, Americans watched the swift and chaotic takeover by the Taliban with few ways to help those stranded in the country. Many Americans were left waiting for President Joe Biden’s next move. According to the Taliban, one of the Biden administration’s first steps, since a new regime took power, could be sending millions in aid to Afghanistan.

After a weekend meeting in Doha, Qatar between Biden officials and the Taliban, the militant group said the US will be providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. While official US statements about the occasion simply acknowledged discussions “of robust humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people,” there is no confirmation of this deal — yet.

The Daily Mail went more in-depth on the US stance:

During the two-day meeting, the US delegation also addressed concerns over terrorism, security, and getting US citizens out of Afghanistan. According to State Department spokesperson Ned Price, the parties also spoke about the “meaningful participation of women and girls in all aspects of Afghan society.”

People should be careful about trusting the often propaganda-filled messages that come from Taliban officials based on their track record. Instead, Americans should judge them by their actions, both past and present, rather than their words.

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