Biden Administration Moving Forward to House Migrants

Biden Administration Moving Forward to House Migrants

( – As migrant children continue to pour across our southern border, the Biden administration is scrambling to find places to put them all. After filling the facilities built by President Barack Obama, it turns out Biden still needs more room. To keep up with the demand created by his lax policies, a new facility is being built in Carrizo Springs, Texas to house additional unaccompanied minors.

On Tuesday, March 23, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the Carrizo Springs II facility, stating it will be able to hold an additional 500 children on top of the approximately 13,500 beds that HHS already has available. This new building is in addition to the Target Lodge Pecos North facility which will hold between 500 and 2000 additional children when it opens in April. HHS will use these facilities to house the children before they are paired up with US “sponsors” to host them.

Latinos for Trump president Bianca Gracia decried the new facilities while speaking with the War Room on Tuesday, March 30:

This additional housing for migrants comes even as the Biden administration has asked military bases and California convention centers to house these children. Perhaps rather than putting all this effort into housing them, Biden should tighten border security to discourage parents from sending their children unaccompanied into another country with all the hazards associated with the trip.

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