Biden Attacks Trump, GOP

( – During a heated Washington gala, Joe Biden ramped up his attacks on the GOP nominee, former President Donald Trump, whom he referred to disparagingly as “that loser.”

Biden expressed frustration over Trump’s interference with a bipartisan border agreement, which had garnered support from even the most steadfast conservatives within the Republican Party.

Reflecting on the bill’s roadblock, Biden shared, “That bipartisan bill has majority support in the House and Senate. But I was told, that other guy, that loser…”

“I think he’s having trouble. Trump called Republicans to block that Senate bill, got on the phone and said it’d be a win for Biden and a loser for him, so they have to make sure you don’t allow it to get to a vote,” he added.

Amidst ongoing challenges related to border security, Biden reiterated his call for the GOP to “act” and back measures aimed at bolstering the U.S.-Mexico border defenses.

He underscored that Trump was wrong and that the Republicans in Congress must act because it was right, and America needs it done.

On the other hand, the GOP candidate condemned the bipartisan proposal, which labeled it a “death wish” for the Republicans and criticized it as “a great gift to the Democrats.”

The legislation in question would have enhanced federal powers to manage the border and authorized the expulsion of migrants once a certain threshold of daily crossings was reached.

Moreover, the topic of illegal immigration is shaping up as a major battleground between the two potential presidential frontrunners, with Trump vowing to reinforce border security.

In states like Texas and Arizona, officials have been vocal about their demands for tighter immigration regulations and enhanced authority to remove illegal migrants.

Responding to these pressures, last week, Biden’s administration introduced a new rule intended to expedite asylum processing at the southern border, specifically for a select group believed to be involved in serious criminal activities or linked to terrorism, thereby enabling their quicker removal from the U.S.

However, the Republican response to these changes was swift and critical, as House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green (R-TN) described the adjustments as an “unserious, politically motivated attempt to address a significant problem the Biden administration itself created.”

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