Biden Beats Nobodies

( – Joe Biden beats a bunch of nobodies and secures an “overwhelming” victory in the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary.

Getting 96.2% of the votes with 97% of votes counted, Biden’s win seems to prove he’s the candidate Democrats want to lead his party, or maybe he’s just the only option they have to make a stand against GOP’s favorite candidate Donand Trump.

Marianne Williamson and Representative Dean Phillips tried but failed miserably to bet Biden. This result may seem prophetic for people that the already speculated “rematch” between Trump and Biden will indeed happen this 2024.

The Democratic Party made a confusing yet big and seemingly correct move this year by putting South Carolina first in their primary lineup, stepping away from the usual early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

The goal was to make sure the voting process better reflects America’s diverse population. DNC chair Jamie Harrison praised this decision, saying it makes the party look more like the country itself.

Biden showed a lot of confidence this primary season, focusing on raising funds in Los Angeles instead of being in South Carolina during the primary.

His crushing victory over such weak candidates confirms he’s the chosen one to try and stop Trump from getting back in office for a second term.

This primary has also brought to light what some Democrats are thinking about the next general election.

Dean Phillips got into the race worried about whether Biden could win against Donald Trump again, offering himself as a “better” option, but clearly, Democrats don’t think like him as seeing his undeniable and crushing defeat proves it.

Even though he’s tried to set himself apart, Phillips often agrees with Biden on key issues and has made it clear he won’t work with Republicans he blames for the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, showing the party’s internal tug-of-war.

Marianne Williamson is trying again for the presidency, despite her long odds, bringing a different voice to the Democratic primary that steps away from the usual political talk.