Biden Begs For More Oil, But Still Refuses To Do This

A pipeline under construction in Alberta, Canada

( – Joe Biden knows he needs more oil from Canada if he is to have any chance of decreasing the pain Americans are feeling at the gas pumps.

Still, he refuses to do the one thing that could quickly help.

As Breitbart highlights in “Report: Biden Desperate for Oil from Canada, Just Not Thru Keystone XL Pipeline”:

“President Joe Biden is desperate to increase oil imports from Canada as the nation continues to struggle with high fuel prices — but is determined not to resurrect the Keystone XL pipeline, whose permit Biden canceled on his first day in office in 2021.”

And, as the Wall Street Journal notes:

“Biden administration officials are seeking ways to boost oil imports from Canada, people familiar with the situation say, but with one big caveat—they don’t want to resurrect the Keystone XL pipeline that President Biden effectively killed on his first day in office.

“The people said deliberations are in early stages and that no clear-cut solutions have emerged…

“Canada has ample reserves under its soil to meet U.S. demand, said Kevin Birn, an analyst with S&P Global Commodity Insights. It just doesn’t have enough pipeline capacity to pump it here, he said.”

Of course, if Biden would reverse his earlier decision and greenlight the Keystone XL pipeline — and fast-track its final construction with American workers — that need for more pipeline capacity could be met to a large degree.

But, Biden won’t do it as he feels he must please the environment lobby — a significant portion of his political base — to have any chance at re-election in 2024.

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