Biden Buying Crack Pipes for Racial Equity

( – Having been outed for its plan to distribute crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia and to provide “safe sites” for drug addicts to inject, smoke, and otherwise ingest illegal drugs as part of a “racial equity” program, the Biden administration is now turning somersaults to backtrack and deny they will be buying crack pipes and distributing them as part of “smoking kits” for crackheads.

First, as accurately reported originally by the Daily Caller in “Biden Admin To Fund Crack Pipes, Heroin For Drug Addicts”:

“Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) closed grant applications Monday for a plan to fund the distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts, the Washington Free Beacon first reported Monday. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice (DOJ) told The Associated Press Friday it’s open to allowing “safe injection sites” where drug addicts can use heroin and other dangerous drugs in an environment with protections against overdoses.

The crack pipe grant program will distribute $30 million to local governments and nonprofits in an attempt to make drug use safer, and it will begin in May. HHS said it will provide “smoking kits/supplies” for addicts to reduce risks of infection when smoking with glass pipes.”…

“In accordance with Biden’s executive order for “advancing racial equality,” grant money will be prioritized for institutions which serve people of color and LGBT communities, according to the Washington Free Beacon.” [emphasis added]

Then, after righteous outrage ensued following the accurate news reports like the one above, the Biden administration backtracked and now says it won’t include pipes in the safe smoking kits to be distributed as part of a substance abuse harm reduction program.

Bottom line: Yes, Biden was going to give crack pipes to addicts. And, we have no doubt the program will return once the administration thinks no one is paying attention.

We’ll keep paying attention.