Biden Commands Americans to GET OUT NOW!

Joe Biden

( – In a series of messages from numerous administration officials, even from Joe Biden himself, Americans are being commanded to get out of Ukraine now as the administration believes Russia will invade Ukraine perhaps as early as next week.

Live telephone calls are even being made to Americans inside Ukraine, who are then read a prepared script telling them to leave within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Further, Americans are being advised that it will be too late once war breaks out, and they will not be rescued.

As National Review just reported:

“White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Americans should leave Ukraine immediately amid the threat of an imminent Russian invasion, warning that the U.S. military will not be able to evacuate citizens in the event of a war.

“‘We encourage all American citizens who remain in Ukraine to depart immediately,’ Sullivan told reporters at a White House press conference. ‘We want to be crystal clear on this point. Any American in Ukraine should leave as soon as possible, and in any event in the next 24-48 hours.’

“Sullivan said any Americans that remain will not be evacuated, explaining that ‘the president will not be putting the lives of our men and women in uniform at risk by sending them into a war zone to rescue people who could have left now, but chose not to.’” [emphasis added]

Other reports indicate that the Biden administration has intelligence that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already given the invasion order and that the invasion will begin as early as next week.

The administration expects several days of Russian aircraft and artillery bombing and shelling Ukraine followed by a ground invasion. Putin has massed more than 100,000 troops on the border between Russia and Ukraine.

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