Biden Denies WHAT? Is He Insane?

( – Refusing to be held accountable for the chaos he created, Joe Biden denied responsibility for the drastic, record-breaking increase in illegal aliens that have crossed the U.S. under his administration in a recent interview.

When the incumbent Democrat was questioned about the critical issue, he utterly denied everything.

“Another of your first acts as President under the banner of value-based leadership was to lift various punitive Trump-era immigration measures, Mr. President, that you and others said were inhumane,” a reporter with Time Magazine stated.

“In retrospect, do you think those humanitarian moves helped drive record illegal border crossing?” the reported asked.

Biden simply responded, “No,” before being asked, “Were you wrong to lift any of those measures?” he continued. “If I was wrong, it’s because I took too long,” doubling down on his record on immigration.

Mass illegal immigration has surged to unprecedented levels under Biden, even driving the foreign-born population residing in the United States to a never-before-seen high of 51.6 million in March of this year.

Moreover, Biden has taken several actions that critics say are to blame for the drastic surge. For instance, he stopped the construction of the border wall via executive order on his very first day in office.

He later went on to end Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy that ordered some asylum seekers to stay in Mexico as they awaited their legal proceedings.

Instead, the Biden administration has canceled over 350,000 asylum cases, which allows illegal migrants to reside in the United States indefinitely despite not having their asylum cases approved.

Biden also revoked Title 42, another Trump-era policy that allowed Border Patrol agents to expel illegal immigrants back to Mexico. Now the Democrat incumbent appears to be suffering among voters on the crucial election year issue.

One poll found that only 36% percent of voters approve of Biden’s performance on immigration, while another showed that Independents appear to support former President Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies.

Over 60% of the political demographic said that they support the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Now, voters have indicated that they trust Trump to handle immigration more than they trust Biden, and only 20% said that they believe that the United States currently has control over its own borders.

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