Biden Family Causes More Problems For Secret Service

Alex Smith from Fort Collins, CO, United States, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The German Shepherd belonging to the Biden family, Commander, has been implicated in a series of aggressive encounters that resulted in injuries to Secret Service agents. A legal advocacy group with conservative leanings has shared emails that recount incidents eerily similar to the ones that led to the removal of another canine owned by the Bidens from the White House.

The email documents, made public on Tuesday by Judicial Watch – a group which claims to have procured them through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, outline 10 purported attacks by the Biden’s almost 2-year-old dog spanning from October 2022 to January of the current year.

In one particular episode recorded in November, the emails disclose, Commander had bitten an officer, causing injuries to their upper right arm and thigh. The affected officer had to use a metal cart as a makeshift shield to protect against further aggression. The email also describes the officer’s significant discomfort.

The disclosed correspondences also quote an officer expressing concern over the dog’s overly aggressive demeanor. One such email detailed an instance when the dog, beyond the control of the First Lady, rushed at the officer and circled around them.

The officer feared that it was just a matter of time before an agent or another officer was attacked or bitten.

In a separate incident in November, an officer detailed in a memo how Commander bit them on their left thigh when they were walking towards their post and came across the First Lady and the dog in the Kennedy Garden.

The officer noted they were suffering from bruising, soreness, and pain in the area where they were bitten.

Other incidents highlighted in the emails involved less severe biting encounters with the dog.

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, communicated to reporters on Tuesday that the White House environment can be quite stressful for everyone, including the family pets. She explained that the First Family is coordinating with the Secret Service and the executive residence staff to introduce extra leashing procedures and training for Commander. They are also setting up specific areas for the dog to run and exercise.

Jean-Pierre clarified that the response to these dog-related incidents aligns with the way similar incidents have been managed in the past involving White House pets.

In 2021, Major, another German Shepherd owned by President Biden, was sent back to the family’s residence in Delaware after several aggressive behaviors were reported.

CNN had reported that Major was involved in a biting incident with a member of the security team at the White House and had also charged at staff and security personnel on a separate occasion.

Commander joined the White House in 2021 and is often featured along with Willow, First Lady Jill Biden’s cat, at events at the Presidential residence. The Biden family’s holiday decorations last year included miniature statues of Commander and Willow to welcome guests to the East Wing.