Biden Ignores D-Day While Pushing Agenda

Biden Ignores D-Day While Pushing Agenda

( – The leader of the United States sets the tone for the nation, sharing important messages and speeches as appropriate. When presidents hold ceremonies or highlight past events, they bring honor to those involved. Yet, this year, President Joe Biden chose to ignore D-Day, one of the most momentous moments in US and recent world history, and instead pushed his own agenda.

Sunday, June 6 was the 77th anniversary of D-Day, when approximately 57,500 American ground troops joined with 75,215 British and Canadian forces to liberate Europe from Nazism. Yet, Biden ignored this heroic feat by Allied troops and instead shared a video about his meeting with survivors of the Tulsa Massacre, a race-motivated attack that nearly destroyed part of Tulsa, Oklahoma and killed hundreds of black Americans in 1921.

Breitbart News’ senior editor Joel Pollak speculated as to what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki would say about Biden’s choice of events to celebrate in a tweet.

Former President Donald Trump recognized D-Day every year he was in office, always pointing out the heroism of our soldiers and the ultimate sacrifice so many made. So, while the history of the Tulsa Massacre should be shared, our president has the duty to ensure all our history, especially one of the most infamous events in the past century, is recognized and acknowledged.

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