Biden Knew!

Joe Biden

( – Contradicting the allegations that he was unaware of his son’s secretive dealings, the White House has acknowledged that Joe Biden knew in advance of his son Hunter Biden’s decision to address the media instead of adhering to a congressional subpoena demanding his testimony.

During a regular press briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed the president’s awareness, stating, “The president was certainly familiar with what his son was going to say and I think what you saw was from the heart, from his son.”

Despite inquiries, Jean-Pierre did not elaborate on whether Joe Biden, who had a 36-year tenure as a senator, endorsed his 53-year-old son’s choice to disregard the legally binding summons. This subpoena was part of the process leading up to Hunter Biden’s questioning regarding his international business ventures.

Jean-Pierre responded to further questions by reiterating, “The president was familiar with what Hunter was going to say today. And he’s proud of his son.”

Hunter Biden’s decision to not comply with the subpoena preceded a critical vote in the House of Representatives to initiate an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. This inquiry concerns his involvement in the foreign business dealings of both his son Hunter and his brother James Biden during his vice presidency.

In his brief five-minute statement, Hunter Biden asserted that “my father was not financially involved in my business.” This claim contradicts evidence that, while serving as vice president, Joe Biden met with Hunter’s business associates from various countries, including China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine.

Republicans have argued that formalizing the inquiry, which commenced on September 12, would bolster congressional authority to enforce testimony from key figures, including Hunter and James Biden. Notably, James Biden also failed to appear for a scheduled deposition last week.

In response to questions about a potential presidential pardon for Hunter Biden, who currently faces federal gun charges in Delaware and tax fraud charges in Los Angeles after rejecting a plea deal that offered probation only, Jean-Pierre asserted, “The president is not going to pardon his son.”

This statement asserts the White House’s stance on the matter, despite Hunter Biden’s demand for courtroom assurances of immunity for other possible conduct that would implicate Joe Biden, such as violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.