Biden Left In the Dark – Proof

( – To nobody’s surprise, the current administration is facing yet another scandal thanks to their lack of professionalism, and again Joe Biden and friends are in the eye of the storm.

The recent revelation that Joe Biden was informed about Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s prostate cancer diagnosis more than a month after the fact has prompted a review of communication protocols within the White House.

This delayed notification, which occurred only after Secretary Austin had been moved out of intensive care, raises questions about the flow of critical information among top officials in the administration.

National Security spokesperson John Kirby acknowledged the gap in communication at a White House press briefing, stating, “Nobody in the White House knew that Secretary Austin had prostate cancer until this morning and the president was informed immediately after.”

Kirby conceded that the situation was “not optimal,” reflecting concerns about the timeliness of sharing such significant health information about a high-ranking Cabinet member.

In response to this incident, the White House is initiating a review of its procedures for handling information about the health and status of Cabinet secretaries.

This review, mandated by White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, will encompass a broad examination of steps for delegating authority, applications for those delegations, and protocols for notifying the White House. All Cabinet secretaries are expected to complete this review by January 12.

When asked about whether Biden held Secretary Austin accountable for the lack of timely communication, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pointed to Austin’s own acknowledgment of responsibility in this matter. She highlighted that Secretary Austin had issued a statement taking full responsibility for not informing officials about his hospitalization.

Secretary Austin’s health issue became a public concern following his admission to Walter Reed National Medical Center on January 1 due to “severe pain” from a medical procedure on December 22.

However, Biden was not notified of his hospitalization until January 4, and only learned of the prostate cancer diagnosis a week later.

This communication lapse has drawn criticism from House Republicans, who view the absence of the Defense Secretary, who is sixth in the line of presidential succession, as a potential threat to national security.

Despite this, John Kirby emphasized that Biden intends to continue working with Mr. Austin for the remainder of his term and would not accept his resignation if it were offered.