Biden Looking to Eliminate Suburbs in Sickening Move

Biden Looking to Eliminate Suburbs in Sickening Move

( – For many, the American dream is owning a single-family home and being able to walk to a well-kept town park nearby. But, President Joe Biden is trying to make this dream more difficult to attain for everyone and eliminate it for those who already found it. Within his latest $2.3-trillion infrastructure plan, Biden hopes to incentivize cities and towns to allow apartment buildings in single-family home neighborhoods.

Biden Pushes to Eliminate Zoning Laws

Zoning laws keep busy stores out of quaint neighborhoods and high-rise apartment buildings from blocking the view from a single-family home’s back porch. These regulations allow people to choose the type of environment they want to live in, yet Biden and his administration plan to incentivize local governments with grants and tax breaks to eliminate zoning laws.

The Biden administration hasn’t acknowledged that owning a home is one of the best ways to establish generational wealth or the fact that there’s a shortage of starter, single-family homes in our nation. Perhaps rather than pushing cramped apartment buildings, Biden should figure out a happy medium to incentivize homeownership and build affordable single-family homes.

From the Mouths of Hypocrites

While Biden is trying to ruin suburbs all across America, he’s probably hoping this policy won’t come back to ruin his own swanky home. New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey noted that Biden has a “10,000-square-foot mansion that once belonged to the DuPont family, of 19th-century gunpowder wealth.” She emphasized that while Biden tries to tout himself as being an average American guy, he actually lives quite a privileged life.

This National Agenda has Already Taken Root in Many Liberal States

While Biden’s infrastructure plan would make the incentives nationwide, many Democratic-leaning states have already eliminated zoning laws or radically changed them. This year, the city council of Sacramento, California unanimously voted to draft a plan allowing housing units to hold up to four families city-wide. Charlotte, North Carolina and Oregon have also made similar moves.

While the push for “housing choice” sounds good to some, it will likely eliminate suburbs, and the American dream, increase government housing and make it less likely for Americans to accumulate wealth. Perhaps if Democrats like Biden lived in cramped apartment buildings with their families, they would think twice before pushing their agenda onto the rest of America.

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