Biden Promises Zero Emission Cars, Which Don’t Even Exist

Biden Promises Zero Emission Cars, Which Don't Even Exist

( – President Joe Biden has made many promises he won’t be able to keep, but he added another one to the list this week. During a press conference, Biden told listeners he hopes to have all federal vehicles made and run with “net zero emissions.” However, this will be quite difficult for him, as the technology does not yet exist.

On Monday, January 25, Biden addressed both the vehicle fleet replacement and his hope to create “a million auto worker jobs” with clean energy. The Post Millennial shared Biden’s words:

While this is a lofty goal, even Tesla has not achieved net-zero emissions. According to a Tesla report, during the lifetime of a Model 3, the vehicle will produce about 6% of the emissions of a typical internal combustion (ICE) vehicle. While this is small, it’s still not the net-zero goal Biden advertised. In addition, during manufacturing, the Model 3 actually produces 128% emissions more than an ICE car.

All these statistics ignore the difficulty of creating and recycling the lithium-ion batteries needed to power electric vehicles. All in all, this just goes to show that President Biden is likely to continue giving false promises to the American people.

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