Biden Sets Illegal Alien Death Record

Illegal Aliens

( – A record number of illegal immigrants have died this fiscal year while trying to cross the Southern Border into the United States on President Joe Biden’s watch, federal government data shows.

Seven hundred forty-eight illegal aliens lost their lives at the US-Mexican border in the 2022 fiscal year, which started on October 1, 2021, and has less than a month left to go, according to the Department of Homeland Security as obtained by CNN.

The number of illegal immigrant deaths this fiscal year has set a new record, and it has surpassed the number in the preceding one-year period by more than 200 people.

In the fiscal year 2021, there were a total of 557 deaths of illegals at the Southern Border, which at the time also set a record.

Before that, there were 247 migrant deaths in the 2020 fiscal year and 300 in the 2019 fiscal year.

The CNN report cautions that the number of migrants who have died crossing America’s borders is undoubtedly higher because, in some cases, bodies are extracted by local and state authorities without the involvement of the Border Patrol, a DHS agency.

It notes that some of the perils the illegals face on the “treacherous terrain” en route to the US include desert heat, dangerous rivers, and the risk of falling from the existing sections of the border wall.

In the latest case of multiple migrant deaths last week, the US Border Patrol and Mexican authorities found the bodies of at least eight people in the Rio Grande. The gruesome discovery was made during the rescue of other illegal immigrants stuck in the border river.

The report points out that the number of illegals crossing the US-Mexican border has remained high this year, even during the months that usually see a dip.

The latest month with available Border Patrol data saw 181,000 apprehensions of illegals who crossed the border. However, the number of gotaways and, thus, the number of migrants who entered the country remains unclear.

CNN cites “advocates for migrants” who complain that the illegals “may be forced” to take more and more “risky paths” to penetrate the United States because of Title 42, the pandemic emergency restriction introduced by President Donald Trump, which allows US border agents to turn away illegals.

“Migrants, refugees, and entire families are using more distant and dangerous routes to come to the United States,” Fernando GarcĂ­a, head of the Border Network for Human Rights, told CNN.

Almost 5 million illegals are estimated to have entered the US since Joe Biden because President, including nearly 1 million gotaways who managed to sneak in unnoticed.