Biden Surrenders Border To Illegals

Illegal Climbing Over Border Fence

( – The already vast illegal immigration crisis, with hundreds of thousands of Third World migrants gushing into the United States through the Southern border every single month, is about to become much worse than it already is simply because the Biden administration doesn’t want to enforce the border, a report reveals.

An upcoming surge in the already record numbers of illegals storming America through the border with Mexico is expected shortly due to the termination of two expulsion programs adopted during the term of former President Donald Trump, writes in a report.

However, the two programs in question – Title 42 and “Remain in Mexico” – are just technicalities, while the root cause of the tsunami of illegals inundating America lies with the fact that Joe Biden and his administration have no desire whatsoever to stem the influx and defend the territorial integrity and national security of the United States.

Instead, they have made it clear that their goal is to welcome millions of Third World illegals in as “orderly” a fashion as possible – without offering the American public any rational reason whatsoever for doing so.

The report emphasizes that even President Joe Biden has stopped claiming that the illegal immigration surge is only a “seasonal” development after May 2022 saw the highest monthly number of illegal immigrant “encounters” ever, at close to 250,000.

According to Customs and Border Patrol data, more than 3 million illegal immigrants have been intercepted at the Southern Border since Joe Biden took office a year-and-a-half ago. More than 1 million of those have just been set free inside the US.

In the past nine months, the estimated number of those who managed to sneak into America undetected has surpassed 400,000.

In a recent ruling, the US Supreme Court allowed the Biden administration to end Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy that left asylum seekers on the other side of the border till their applications were processed.

The health-based Title 42 measure allowing the expulsion of illegals over COVID-19 is also expected to be ended shortly. Once that happens, illegal border crossings could jump to 18,000 a day. Yet, several years ago, Jeh Johnson, former President Barack Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary, said that 1,000 per day “overwhelms the system.”

In a TV interview, Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, recently made it clear that this administration doesn’t wish to enforce the Southern Border.

“It is the objective of the Biden administration to make sure that we have safe, orderly, and legal pathways for individuals to be able to access our legal system,” Mayorkas admitted.