Biden Took 8 Days to Meet With Victims of Florida Disaster

Biden Took 8 Days to Meet With Victims of Florida Disaster

( – Americans have seen very little of President Joe Biden since he took office back in January. Understandably, many are wondering what the president has been up to and why it took him over a week to visit Surfside, Florida after a large condo building collapsed on Thursday, June 24.

On Thursday, July 1, a full week after the 12-story condo fell down near Miami, President Biden flew down to meet with victims, emergency workers, and state officials. First Lady Jill Biden accompanied the president on the trip, hoping to bring a bit of comfort to those in mourning.

Deputy Bureau Chief for the Associated Press Michael Tackett shared how much those affected were hoping to be comforted by the president, although it took him over a week to make it to the site:

Biden spent time with county and state leaders, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) who had already been at the scene for multiple days. Biden promised there would be “no bureaucracy” involved in getting the community the help it needs. But, only time will tell if that promise holds true as the community continues to work through the rubble in hopes of more survivors. As of Monday, July 5, 27 people were confirmed dead and 118 are still unaccounted for. Thankfully, Governor DeSantis will be supporting his citizens for the long haul as he has shown his commitment to his state and its residents time and time again.

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