Biden’s Biggest Failure Exposed

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, a leading figure in the Republican Party, criticized President Joe Biden’s approach to border security, suggesting that the president has been inactive while numerous Americans succumb to fentanyl-related deaths.

In a video statement shared on Wednesday, shortly before the Biden administration’s announcement to recommence the construction of the Texas border wall, Barrasso expressed his concerns. The decision to restart construction came after its discontinuation on Biden’s first day in office in January 2021, a move that many Republicans had been opposed to.

Barrasso pointed out, “Under Biden’s tenure, the impact of fentanyl on Americans is comparable to a fully loaded passenger train meeting a tragic end every other day. This is the toll that fentanyl is taking on our country.”

Highlighting a recent Senate bill named “Secure the Border Act,” which aligns with a bill the House passed in May, Barrasso emphasized the Republican stance on border security. “The GOP offers a clear solution with the ‘Secure the Border Act.’ Joined by thirty colleagues, our intention is to fortify our borders against both unlawful migration and lethal substances,” he stated.

Drawing a comparison, he mentioned, “Often, when a train derails, it’s said the operator was not attentive. In this case, it seems President Biden hasn’t been attentive, leading to devastating consequences.”

Reacting to the restart of the border wall construction, Biden reiterated his earlier stance, emphasizing that an expansive wall across the southern boundary isn’t a genuine fix. Former President Donald Trump responded to Biden’s move, questioning on social media if an apology would be forthcoming for the time taken and the alleged influx of illegal migrants.