Biden’s Billions for Ukraine Could Have Done THIS Instead

Photo by Mackenzie Marco on Unsplash

The conflict in 2022 witnessed Congress approving over $113 billion in assistance to Ukraine. With the upcoming Congress session, President Biden might propose an additional $10 billion aid. A report by the Washington Post highlighted that since 2022, Ukraine has been the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid. The majority of this aid was channeled towards defense manufacturers supplying Ukraine, with the remaining funds supporting the Ukrainian national budget and humanitarian efforts.

A rough estimate from the Washington Post suggests the U.S. has dispatched about $66.2 billion worth of military and humanitarian support to Ukraine since 2022. To put it into perspective, the U.S. could have constructed almost two complete barriers across its approximately 1,900-mile border with Mexico. This is based on the $20 million per mile spent by the Trump administration from 2017 to 2021, totaling nearly 460 miles of the wall. By the time Trump’s term ended, despite having set aside about $15 billion (partly by sidestepping Congress) for 740 miles of the wall, around 280 miles remained unbuilt — a project largely halted under President Biden.

Sabine Durden Coulter, whose son tragically passed away in 2012 due to an undocumented immigrant, expressed her distress to Breitbart News. She emphasized the dangers stemming from an open border, highlighting the numerous American lives lost due to circumstances such as drug-related issues. “So many of these tragedies could have been avoided,” she commented.

She further remarked, “We need a government focused on sealing our borders, completing the wall, and bolstering our border personnel. But it’s evident that our current administration prioritizes international concerns over domestic safety.”

The incomplete border has compelled states to adopt their own security measures. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has deployed a floating barrier in the Rio Grande, while Arizona once used storage containers to fill border gaps, a measure reversed by the current administration.

The U.S.’s massive aid to Ukraine coincides with a record number of unauthorized border crossings. The 2022 Fiscal Year alone recorded encounters with over two million undocumented immigrants. The ongoing year is following a similar trend.

Furthermore, the U.S. witnessed over 109,000 drug overdose deaths last year. A significant portion of these were due to fentanyl, which primarily enters the U.S. via the Mexico border, having been majorly produced in China. The current year is on track to record about 63,000 such deaths.

Breitbart News has been documenting offenses committed by undocumented immigrants for over ten years, detailing the impact on American citizens and legal immigrants.

In her final comments to Breitbart, Durden Coulter urged fellow citizens to reflect on why the administration doesn’t prioritize its own citizens. She emphasized, “All Americans, regardless of political leanings, should be concerned. Our future generations deserve more.”