Biden’s Doctor Did WHAT?!

( – According to White House visitor logs, Joe Biden’s personal doctor met with a Parkinson’s disease expert affiliated with Walter Reed Medical Center earlier this year.

White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor met with longtime neurologist Dr. Kevin Cannard, who specializes in movement disorders at Walter Reed, and Walter Reed cardiologist Dr. John Atwood, along with two others.

“A wide variety of specialists from the Walter Reed system visit the White House complex to treat thousands of military personnel who work on the grounds,” a White House spokesman said.

Dr. Cannard has co-authored research on Parkinson’s Disease and is actively involved in studying the disease with partners at Vanderbilt University.

Moreover, as outlined by the Mayo Clinic, Parkinson’s symptoms typically include movement difficulties, tremors, balance impairment, and changes in speech. Symptoms generally progress over time, often starting on one side of the body.

Following Biden’s challenging performance in a recent presidential debate, Dr. O’Connor has faced increased scrutiny regarding Biden’s health. During the debate, Biden struggled with speech clarity and coherence while facing a notably subdued former President Donald Trump.

In the aftermath of the debate, there has been visible concern among Democrats about Biden’s candidacy, with several news reports highlighting his challenges related to age. Some Democrats have publicly urged Biden to step aside or seriously consider doing so as the party’s convention approaches.

In turn, the White House disclosed that Biden recently consulted with Dr. O’Connor regarding a cold he appeared to have during the debate, an issue that came to light only midway through. Earlier, the White House stated that Biden had not undergone any medical examinations since his annual physical in February.

Based on the results of the physical examination, Dr. O’Connor and the White House medical team affirmed Biden’s fitness for office and ruled out Parkinson’s disease. However, the physical did not reportedly include a cognitive test.

To address ongoing speculation, CNN medical analyst Sanjay Gupta has called for Biden to undergo a comprehensive neurological examination and to make the results public. Gupta expressed concerns about Biden’s apparent confusion, difficulty concentrating, and facial expressions during public appearances.

Additionally, during a highly anticipated interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden firmly rejected the idea of undergoing an independent cognitive test and attributed his debate performance to simply having a bad night.

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