Biden’s Economy Hits 50 Year Low

Joe Biden

( As a recent poll shows, Americans are extremely pessimistic about the economy, and many believe it is as bad for them personally as it has ever been.

The recent poll was summarized by Breitbart News, which wrote, “A severe pessimism grips the U.S. economy and Americans report the highest level of dissatisfaction with their financial situation in at least half a century, poll results released Monday show.”

That poll, the Wall Street Journal-NORC Poll,  found that “Eighty-three percent of Americans describe the state of the economy as poor or not so good…only one percent describe the economy as ‘excellent.’”

How bad do Americans feel when it comes to their financial condition?

“The poll results show just how much inflation has damaged the U.S. economy and the perceptions of Americans about their own financial well-being. The Consumer Price Index in March was up the most in 40 years and the April inflation rate was close behind it. The government will release figures for May’s price level on Friday.

Thirty-five percent said they are not at all satisfied with their financial condition, the highest level of dissatisfaction since NORC began asking the question every few years starting in 1972.” [emphasis added]

With those results, political pundits tell us it is no wonder every reputable poll shows the Republicans poised to take back the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate when the dust clears from the upcoming November midterm elections.

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