Big Tech Turns Sights on Conservative Comedy

Big Tech Turns Sights on Conservative Comedy

( – The comedy scene is overwhelmed with progressive performers taking shots at Conservatives and family values. But, what about right-leaning comedians? More than ever, conservative comics are being censored by Big Tech, threatening both their livelihood and free speech.

Many comics who once could perform live shows, even in a non-pandemic world, have been blacklisted by the industry. The Deplorables are one such example, a conservative comedy tour that has had many venues cancel gigs once they revealed they were supporters of President Donald Trump.

So, conservative comedians turned to the digital sphere, but even there, they faced censorship. The satire site, The Babylon Bee, is commonly fact-checked, although the progressive satire site, The Onion, is rarely checked. In addition, Facebook has threatened to minimize the Bee’s reach on its platform, which could crush the site. One Babylon Bee article is shown here:

Comedians Nick Di Paolo and Ryan Long have also been restricted by Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube after they spoke freely about their opinions on woke culture and COVID-19.

The double standard both mainstream media and Big Tech hold for comedians has never been more clear. They encourage liberal comics to attack GOP leaders and policies, while they censor jokes that come anywhere near critical of their own values.

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