Big Tech Under Investigation for Silencing Conservatives

Big Tech Under Investigation for Silencing Conservatives

( – Big Tech made billions during the pandemic, and the companies continue to wield their fame and fortune in dangerous ways. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google have gone out of their way to censor conservative voices this past year, including President Donald Trump’s. One attorney general is fighting back against abusive and deceptive practices.

On Wednesday, April 7, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced his office is investigating Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Twitter over their censorship of conservative content. The statement noted that the companies “have potentially harmed Indiana consumers through business practices that are abusive, deceptive and/or unfair.”

The Indy Star covered the story:

Rokita highlighted how a free society must give users the option to express their viewpoints and have access to others without manipulation. He intends to investigate how Big Tech has influenced such expression and will also look into attorney Vanita Gupta’s encouragement of social media censorship in recent months.

Big Tech has an enormous influence over what Americans see daily, from products and local events to news and politics. Social media platforms must be transparent in how they use and manipulate our information and news feeds if our nation is to remain free.

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