Black Ex-Felon: ‘Thank God Rittenhouse is Free’

Kyle Rittenhouse

( – When a self-described “Black, Ex-Con, Jew, Zionist” comes out in support of Kyle Rittenhouse – the completely vindicated young man who currently sits atop the list of who leftists in the United States hate the most these days – perhaps right-minded Americans should sit up and take note.

And that’s exactly what just happened.

David Ben Moshe, who says he’s a “Black, Ex-Con, Jew, Zionist” who writes about his unique perspective on issues of racism, police reform, and criminal justice reform to make America better, has come out in an opinion piece defending and supporting the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse is not in prison and is a free man.

Having watched the trial, Moshe’s view of what happened is:

From the facts presented at trial, including video evidence and the eyewitness testimony of a man he shot, it seems clear that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense as defined by the law and received a fair trial. One shouldn’t be labeled right-wing for affirming the legitimacy of the court’s decision.”

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