Black Man Threatens to Kill Parents Opposed to CRT

( – HAPPENING NOW: In a grotesque display of vulgarity filled with threats of violence, a furious and out-of-control Black man leveled threats of violence and death at parents attending a school meeting.

What was he angry about? Evidently, some of the parents attending the school meeting expressed their opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their school system.

You can watch the video clip further down this page.

Increasingly, all across the United States of America, parents are demanding that Critical Race Theory not be a part of any school’s curriculum at the grade school level.

In fact, many political experts believe that opposition to Critical Race Theory being taught in Virginia school systems was the deciding factor in a Republican winning the gubernatorial race there just two weeks ago.

As you’ll see in the video below, the angry man rose out of his seat during the meeting and threatened the parents who oppose CRT by yelling and saying that he has “1000 soldiers,” “locked and loaded” – which any objective person would consider a threat to kill those who oppose CRT.

Watch the video below of the man threatening violence against parents at a school meeting and then share your opinion of his actions by emailing [email protected]. Is the man right or wrong to behave that way in a public meeting? Should he have been arrested for threatening violence? Should Critical Race Theory be taught in the public schools of the United States of America? Does Critical Race Theory do more to bring us together as a nation, or does it intentionally divide us? In your opinion, is Critical Race Theory racist?

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